Domina Helena Locke Submits On Hogtied

Bondage Hogtied

Helena Locke Hogtied A Powerful Domme Submits There’s nothing hotter than a natural top who bottoms from the heart. BDSM sites aside, the power dynamic is more a spectrum than a hard line re: Dom/Sub. Helena Locke is a wonderful femdom in her own right. Top notch (pun intended). That doesn’t mean she doesn’t bottom […]

anna tyler bondage hogtied

Anna Tyler In Bondage

Bondage Forced Orgasms Hogtied Shibari

Hogtied Presents Anna Tyler In Bondage I think Anna Tyler is one of the prettiest performers out there. That’s why I write about her as often as I can. This scene on Hogtied is from 2016 but so what? Porn doesn’t go bad, and she’s amazingly adorable. The Pope really goes to town on her. […]

Sadie Santana Bound

Bondage Device Bondage

Device Bondage Presents Sadie Santana Bound Device Bondage has updated again and this time we have the lovely Sadie Santana, who has an incredible body, being bound and used by The Pope. He has a wonderful job, doesn’t he? Follow your dreams, people. Life is finite. Unless you’re already living your dream, you’re wasting it. […]

Roxanne Rae Bound & Whooped

Bondage Forced Orgasms Hogtied

Roxanne Rae Bound & Whooped Hogtied Hosts A Beauty I really like Roxanne Rae. I don’t just mean as a performer but from what I see of her on Twitter. She’s tweeted me a few times and been nothing but nice, and her tweets are awesome. So, it’s a pleasure to promote her whenever I […]

Amarna Miller On Device Bondage

Bondage Device Bondage Forced Orgasms

Amarna Miller On Device Bondage Spanish Lovely Bound And Forced To Cum If you are a regular reader of my blog, (and why wouldn’t you be?) you would remember that I have written of the truly gorgeous Amarna Miller once before. Well, she’s back and The Pope is dominating the hell out of her on […]

Charlotte Cross Hogtied

Bondage Forced Orgasms Hogtied

Charlotte Cross Hogtied Bound Natural Breasts Readers will remember that I wrote of Charlotte Cross once before, in a great threesome with the intoxicatingly cute Anna Tyler. Seeing Charlotte Cross hogtied by The Pope is everything I had hoped. You can tell just by looking at her, that Charlotte Cross has blissfully soft skin. That […]

anna tyler on hogtied

Anna Tyler On Hogtied

Bondage Forced Orgasms Hogtied Shibari

Hot & Cute & So Good Anna Tyler On Hogtied I don’t how I missed this Hogtied shoot from last month. Anna Tyler is so goddamn cute it makes me mad, and I like Hogtied, so… I don’t know what happened. In any case I am remedying the situation now. Anna Tyler on Hogtied is […]

Leigh Raven Hogtied

Bondage Forced Orgasms Hogtied

The Pope Works With A Newcomer Leigh Raven Hogtied There’s a fresh new face on Hogtied this week. The Pope welcomes, as only he can, Leigh Raven to Hogtied, and he pushes her to the limit, multiple times. That’s a talent The Pope has, knowing exactly how far to push a sub, without her tapping […]

Gina Valentina Bound

Bondage Device Bondage Forced Orgasms

On Device Bondage Gina Valentina Bound My favorite Dom, The Pope dominates a lovely 19 year old Brazilian in the form of Gina Valentina, for Device Bondage. Can you imagine dominating a submissive teen with that tight young body? goddamn. It’s almost wrong (she’s 19. lighten up) I’m not sure but this set looks […]