Mona Wales Sexually Broken

Bondage Sexually Broken

mona wales sexually broken

Mona Wales looking forward to being sexually broken.

Mona Wales Sexually Broken

Yummy Yum Yum

Subspace is a glorious thing. Matt Williams and Sgt. Miles facefuck the lovely Mona Wales into subspace in this Tarentino-esque shoot, on Sexually Broken. She is eager for it and that makes it a million times hotter. This is why I love Sexually Broken.

Mona Wales smiles eagerly as Sgt Miles walks up and rams his impressive cock down her throat. If you like facefucking and deepthroating sluts in bondage, then I think you’ll really dig this shoot. She is bound on her knees, in metal restraints, and just takes the cocks one after another, like a production line. …pro-dick-tion line.

mona wales bondage bdsm

Mona Wales being used. Click for more.

Mona Wales has her spit rubbed all over her face, and she grins as they do it. The best part? This is just the warm up to what was a live show on RealTime Bondage. Can you imagine how hot that was to watch live? I like that Intersec (the company that owns these sites) takes the live shows, edits them down, and posts them on Sexually Broken. It’s not the same as watching live, but at least we get the highlights. A perfect example are the shoots that resulted from London River’s 24 hour bondage party.

sgt miles mona wales cock

Click to see a preview video of this shoot.

How To See The Whole Thing

Want to see Mona Wales sexually broken on… Sexually Broken? Of course you do. You’ve read this far. Well, luck you! There are two ways to do so. The first is to join Sexually Broken for a month, and see this scene, and all 20 years worth of content, AND they update three times a week, so jesus christ you’ll get money’s worth.
The second choice is to simply buy this ten minute shoot and call it good. In either case you’ll be supporting real people who really appreciate your business. Enjoy.

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