Alyssa Lynn Hardtied

Bondage Forced Orgasms Hardtied Shibari

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Alyssa Lynn Hardtied

Matt Williams vs 30HH Breasts

Who doesn’t like boobs? They’re almost universal due to our mammalian natures. Bondage model Alyssa Lynn is a tiny woman with 30HH tits, and that is enough to spur Matt Williams into action. The result is Alyssa Lynn hardtied, on Hardtied.

Alyssa Lynn’s breasts are bound with coarse rope, making them even rounder and more pronounced, but also increasing their sensitivity. Rough squeezing, pinching, and slapping ensue before her ankles are tied, leaving her spread and exposed.

forced orgasms bondage

Bound and forced to cum. Click for more Alyssa Lynn Hardtied.

Alyssa Lynn is impaled upon a dildo while a hitachi is pressed mercilessly against her clit, tearing joyless orgasms from her, as she struggles to regain some semblance of autonomy. This is the fun part. The fight before the surrender. She’s already owned but she’s only now realizing it.

Matt Williams, the consummate professional, covers her head with a plastic bag to limit her breathing, and then goes back to slapping the hell out of those glorious tits. It’s beautiful. Breathplay is super hot, and it’s one of those things that a lot of women enjoy, to some degree. Sometimes a hand on the throat is all that’s needed, or sometimes real suffocation. Humans are odd creatures.

hardtied matt williams alyssa lynn

Alyssa Lynn is powerless to stop Matt Williams from doing whatever he wants to her.

How To Watch The Whole Thing

Preview pics and clips are nice, but they’re like the little samples you get at the grocery store. Just a taste, not a meal. If you like breast bondage and forced orgasms from submissive women (and who doesn’t?), then you I think you should consider joining Hardtied for a month. Test the water. You can see this clip, of course, as well as 20 years of past clips, and all the updates as well. That’s an insane amount of bondage porn from one of the true auteurs of the genre. That’s right. I said auteur.
You can also simply buy this shoot alone and be done, if you’re into the huge boobs of Alyssa Lynn. Whichever you choose, enjoy.
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