Weekend At London’s Part One

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london river weekend

London River Weekend. Click for more pics.

London River In Bondage

Weekend At London’s Part One

Did somebody just call me a pussy? Pussies push out babies. Please call me a pussy.

I really adore London River. How do I adore her? Let me count the ways. First, she’s beautiful. Second, her body is insane and her nipples beckon to me. Third, she seems to be nice. That’s an important one. Life’s too short for mean people. Fourth, when she bottoms she seems to bend, but not break. Strength. I respect that.

Weekend at London’s is (I think) the edited content from London River’s 24 Hour Bondage Sleepover, from earlier this month. It looks amazing. I love having it in an apartment, with people coming  and going, while she’s in bondage in the living room. I’ve been to parties like that, and they rock. It really is like this, with people eating pizza and shooting the shit, while a naked person is hanging and getting beaten by someone. Good times.

london river real time bondage

Nipples you can sink your teeth into.

O.T. (which I believe stands for Open Toed… he wears sandals in every scene. You can’t see it in the pics, but it’s his M.O…. at least I imagine it is) is the first person to go at London. London is tied to the ceiling by her neck and her wrists, leaving her luscious body open for abuse. Once O.T. (which I believe stands for Original Tigger… in that he played Tigger in a school play, in which there was a school shooting, scarring him forever and making him into O.T. He who stalks the night) gets going on her, we he the doorbell ring.

Who should it be? It’s the pizza delivery person, who looks a little bit like Domina Helena. This delivery person, originally reticent at the scene into which she walked, ends up whipping poor London River herself!

This whole scene has a familiar, intimate feeling you would find within any kink group in any community. They all know each other. They all care for each other, and this is a scene. That makes it hotter in my book than any production on fancy set.

Domina Helena london river

This right here. Helena Locke puts this dominance in Domina.

Watch The Whole Thing

Part One of Weekend At London’s it almost an hour long. There are a couple ways to see the whole thing, and they’re both easy peasy. You can simply buy this shoot, and watch it until the universe ends in heat death. That’s one way. You can also join Real Time Bondage and watch all 20 years of content, as well as the live shows (which is worth the money right there). Whichever you choose, enjoy.


  1. Dave March 23, 2017 6:22 am

    The whole weekend was awesome. The pizza girl thing got worked really well so when she showed up those who knew her recognized Helena immediately. If became obvious to those of us who did not once she joined in for the four-way single-tail attack on London. Domina Helena gave her the most marks of the four. The whole event was great imho as you got to see everyone between takes and early on Sunday morning. You got to see them as real people not just performers. London got off on some really interesting personal topics in the wee hours and showed how intelligent she is; not just some babe to beat up on or dole out punishments. She really showed her human side after the final take, but I will leave that for a later post.

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