Weekend At London’s Part 5

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weekend at london's part 5 london river

Weekend At London’s Part 5 is the most intense of all. Click for more.

Realtime Bondage Present’s

Weekend At London’s Part 5

Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow. This is less a bondage scene than a war crime. It is so brutal and mindfuckingly intense that it has given me a moment of clarity, in which I see the error of my ways. I need to be washed clean in the blood of the lamb.

Kidding. This is some rough and tough shit, and London has gone up yet again, in my estimation. This is about as intense as you can get, on a pay site, or in real life, without doing real damage, psychological or otherwise. You should start with Part 1 and catch up.

london river real time bondage

Look at that ass ripple with the impact.

This segment of the 24 hour bondage party is at the tail end of the proceedings, and sweet London River is spent. Broken. Her friends O.T. and Domina Helena push her, but always with an eye on London. This is where you have to know what you’re doing, and why aftercare is so important.

London River’s nipples are pierced and electrified (defacing a national treasure), she’s bound in shrink wrap with a hitachi on her clit, WHILE RECEIVING AN ENEMA… and she’s caned, switched, and paddled into racking sobs and animal despair. It’s hot because it’s consensual and it’s safe.

london river part five realtime bondage

Holding her hand as she composes herself.

Want To Watch The Rest?

There is so much to see in the Weekend At London’s series. It’s a clinic in effective, responsible, and intense domination. Everyone, from Matt Williams, to O.T., to Domina Helena, and London River herself, are bringing their A game. I’ve never seen a scene so intense, and brutal (psychologically) on a pay site. Real Time Bondage does this ALL THE TIME.

You have two ways to watch Part Five, which itself is more than an hour long. One is to join Realtime Bondage, and get access to the entire Weekend At London series, as well as all new updates (there are tons), AND 20 years of content they already have. If you just want to see part 5, that’s weird and you’re an odd one , but you can. Just buy this one shoot a la carte.

DO IT. WATCH THIS ONE. IT’S LIKE NOTHING YOU’VE SEEN BEFORE. Look at that sweet face. You don’t want all her suffering to be for naught. Do you? Enjoy.

london river realtime bondage

Aftercare time. Take care of that raw, defenseless psyche.

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