Weekend At London’s Part 4

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london river water bondage

This is not the face of a happy girl.

RealTime Bondage Presents

Weekend At London’s Part 4

This is the fourth part of the 24 hour bondage party held by London River last month, and the intensity keeps getting ramped up. I love that they edit down 24 hours into a series of incredibly intense, and brilliantly executed scenes. RealTime Bondage is amazing.

Dom O.T. had been handling the last segment, and now Matt Williams comes back with some insane Jedi level rigging (the kind that when you see it, you hope London River doesn’t have to sneeze or she’s gonna be in trouble), and something I haven’t seen in a long time. A dunking board!

london river 24 hour bondage shoot

She’s a (s)witch! (see what I did there?

London River is bound to a vertical board that pivots in the middle, and she is dunked face first into a tub of water, repeatedly. This has a cumulative effect in which the primate/animal part of us takes over with sheer mammalian terror. It’s like waterboarding. Something fundamentally unendurable.

This, and the neck rope predicament tie, are the kinds of thing that Kink.com won’t show, because their lawyers get nervous. However, Matt Williams is an honest to god master rigger, and London River is a top shelf bondage model who can handle this shit. The message is that although this stuff looks scary, it’s all under control. Plus, remember, this is what London River wanted. They didn’t just bust in and do this. The tears are cathartic, and the love they all have for each other is real. These are Professionals.

london river predicament bondage

Don’t sneeze.

Watch The Whole Thing

Previews don’t convey the full awesomeness of this shoot. You need to watch the whole thing. The build up of tension, the peak, the release. This is art. If you’d like to see the whole 75 minute shoot, you can do so in one of two ways.

You can simply buy this shoot, and be done. That’s cool but why buy part 4 of something so amazing? You can join RealTime Bondage and see the whole thing (all parts), plus their decade plus of content, as well as their live shows. This is the good stuff. Don’t settle for Nickelback when you can listen to Led Zeppelin.

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