Weekend At London’s Part 3

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weekend at londons part 3

Stapled in her skin. Submissive? Yes. Weak. Not even a little.

London River Raises The Bar

Weekend At London’s Part 3

Every day I gain more and more appreciation for the folks over at Intersec, one of whom is the alluring London River. This week the third part of the already legendary Weekend At London’s 24 hour bondage shoot, which was streamed on Realtime Bondage, was released. It keeps getting better! Here is part one and two if you want to catch up.

After spending the night in a custom foam coffin (which is fucking genius and totally doable) in which there were only an air hole, and a hole in which a hitachi was placed, and set to go off at random periods through the night… our heroine dolls herself up and waits for her friends to come back for more.

london river coffin bondage

This is fucking clever, practical, and totally within the reach of every local kinkster.

The immanently erudite O.T. staples, yes that is the verb, notecards with various words (slut, etc) onto London’s bare flesh. This… this is what knocks it up a notch. It’s also the kind of thing you won’t see on Kink sites. You WILL, however, see things like this with real kinksters in real communities. This shit is legit.

She’s placed astride a sawhorse, with the rough apex of the crosspiece digging into her pussy, as giant weights (actual stone) pull on her bound tits, in an absolutely fantastic episode of Weekend At London’s.

london river realtime bondage

Amazing. London River is sublime.

How To Watch The Whole Thing

I imagine that by this point, you would like to watch this entire episode, having seen the previews. Easy peasy. You can join Realtime Bondage and watch every episode of Weekend at London’s, as well as the 20 years of content they’ve already made. Or you can buy this one shoot a la carte, and own it forever. Enjoy.

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