Weekend At London’s Part 2

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hognose london river

Click for more pics of little piggie London River

London River’s 24 Hour Bondage Session

Weekend At London’s Part 2

At the beginning of March, there was a 24 hour bondage party held by the alluring London River, on Realtime Bondage. It looked wonderful, fun, intense, intimate, and awesome. London River and Intersec did a great job promoting this, and I hope it was a successful as it deserved to be.

Now that the party is over they’re editing the 24 hours down into hour/hour plus clips for those who were unfortunate enough to miss it in real time (bondage). I already posted part one of this event, and now behold the glory that is PART TWO.

london river ot spanking

Look at the ripple of her flesh from the impact. (click for more)

We open with her licking a smear of mixed condiments off a piece of cardboard, as breakfast. That’s the humiliation component of the whole bdsm thing. OT takes her over his knee and just whoops on her gorgeous ass with a spanking that was all pain.
This is an ensemble piece so OT isn’t working alone. The lovely pizza delivery girl cum domino Helena Locke, and master rigger Matt Williams each spend time with the lovely London in full sub mode.

Matt ties her up brilliantly with his signature style, with the neck and toe ropes that always stand out to me. Domina Helena shoves London’s face in her ass, and holy moley the scene is great.

london river matt williams rope

Beautiful rigging.

How To Watch The Whole Thing

Previews are deigned for one purpose. To preview. A sample. If you would like to watch this entire 77 minute Weekend At London’s Part 2, you have two choices. You can buy this one shoot, and own it forever and be done. OR… you can spend just a little more, and join Realtime Bondage and watch ALL THEIR CONTENT (20 years worth) as well as all their new content (they update often). Whatever you choose, enjoy.

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