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cherry torn top mercy west electrosluts

Watch Cherry Torn Top Mercy West With Electrosex. Click for more.

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Watch Cherry Torn Top Mercy West

I love seeing Mercy West in any scene, in any capacity. She’s a Portlander so she’s got my full support in whatever she does. I’ve written of her before, and I predict she’s going to be a huge star.

This time around she is in the clutches of Cherry Torn who straps her down and torments her tender flesh with electricity. Yes. It’s super hot. If you’ve not checked out Electrosluts before, you’re missing out on some really unique content.

cherry torn mercy west toes

Devilish. Electrified copper wire threaded between the toes. Click for video previews.

The zapper is zapped all over Mercy West’s vulnerable body, giving jolts of burning, searing pain, which delights Cherry Torn no end. Flogging ensues and many forced orgasms. Mercy West is really turned on, and it shows. It’s so sexy. She’s so sexy. LIFE IS SEXY.

Cherry Torn is, of course, stellar as a sadistic evil Domme. No one sneers like she does. She winds copper wire through Mercy West’s toes, sending stinging shocks through them, as Mercy is “forced” to pleasure Cherry Torn’s pussy. It’s an exercise in focus. The two of them together are riveting.

Cherry Torn mercy west lezdom

Click for video and see Cherry Torn top Mercy West.

How To Watch The Whole Thing

I think Electrosluts is a sexy, original site with wonderful lezdom content. The electrosex aspect of this is a huge bonus. E-stim is fucking hot, and seeing women cum from it is amazing.
If you want to watch Cherry Torn top Mercy West, you have two ways to do so. You can go big and join Kink Unlimited, which gives you Electrosluts as well as 23 more Kink sites, with 20 years of content. OR… if that’s too insane to contemplate, you can simply buy this shoot and own it forever. Whichever you choose, enjoy.

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