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violet monroe topped

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TopGrl Is Brutal Lezdom

Violet Monroe Topped By Rain DeGrey

Once upon a time, in the long long ago, Kink had a site called Water Bondage, in which women would be dunked, sunk, spelunked (I know, but it rhymes), while being spanked, flogged, fucked, slapped, and made to cum. Forced orgasms are hot. Forced orgasms + walk the plank = win. Water Bondage went away years ago, probably because of liability reasons, but TopGrl has kept the tradition alive!
TopGrl is real, gritty, and super intense lezdom. TopGrl features many of the same names you see on Kink, but in more brutal and visceral scenes. Surely you’ve heard of Rain DeGrey, and I’ve written of Violet Monroe before, so we should all be friends by now.

rain degrey violet monroe

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Rain DeGrey fucks sweet Violet and makes her cum super hard, then when she’s trying to recover, back into the tank she goes. Breathplay is a fetish of hers, and the rough treatment makes her cum for sure, but Rain DeGrey definitely pushes her limits. I love it! It’s so refreshing to see bondage porn with life in it. I love my Kink but TopGrl and the other Intersec sites are so real. I like the grit. I like real people getting off honestly and TopGrl fucking delivers in spades.
There’s way more than water torture in this scene. There’s forced cocksucking, hard strap on fucking, rope bondage, nooses, choking, and of course, the complete deconstruction of Violet Monroe topped by Rain DeGrey. It’s lovely.

violet monroe topped rain degrey

Aftercare is important. Gotta bring her back whole.

Two Ways To Watch

If this kind of super intense bondage and lezdom is for you, then you gotta join TopGrl. Unlike the bigger companies, TopGrl does not automatically rebill you. You buy a month, you get a month. No surprises. If you like it you get another month, or two at a time to save money. That’s it. I like that. No shenanigans.

Or you can simply buy this shoot and own it. It’s a full length, 50 minute scene in HD. It stands up to repeat watching because it’s so densely packed with kink, and it’s REAL. Whatever your choice I hope you enjoy it.

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