Syren De Mer Punished

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syren de mer infernal restraints

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Infernal Restraints Presents

Syren De Mer Punished By Matt Williams

This is a great bondage and corporal punishment scene with two performers who both know each other, and like each other. The trust and connection is evident from the first moment. Matt Williams is ruthless in his punishment of Syren De Mer.

Infernal Restraints is less lovey-dovey than her shoot with Sexually Broken, and if you are familiar with how intense Sexually Broken can be, you know that is a pretty high bar to clear. Infernal Restraints clears it easily, as soon by the bruises on Syren De Mer’s lovely ass. That’s why I’m writing about her twice in one week.

syren de mer bondage orgasm

That’s a Sybian she’s got between her legs, but it’s more for intensity than pleasure.

Matt Williams uses everything and the kitchen sink to see Syren De Mer punished. For what? We don’t know, but I bet she doesn’t do it again. He actually flogs her face! Holy shit. I believe he even breaks a cane on her hide. In between the beatings he’s grabbing and pulling on her tits, and twisting her nipples… which I love.

And then there’s the Sybian component. As we see Syren De Mer punished she gets the sawhorse treatment on her tender pussy, and then the Sybian gets pressed against her as the beatings, and hoods, and slaps, and weights all take their toll. The Sybian tears joyless orgasms from her, as well as keeping Syren disoriented and unable to center herself. It’s brutal beauty. Like a killer whale.

syren de mer punished

Completely exhausted

How To Watch The Whole Thing

This whole ordeal goes on for almost 45 minutes and it reaches heights that aren’t reachable when watching a one minute preview clip. There are two ways to watch this beautiful scene with two top shelf bondage performers. You can join Infernal Restraints and get this scene with all the pictures, 20 years of content, and all the updates. That’s one way. If you just want this scene only, no problem. You can buy this shoot a la carte and own it forever. Enjoy.

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