Submissive Redhead In ‘Most Brutal Shoot Ever’

Bondage Forced Orgasms Hogtied

hogtied impact play brutal bondage masochist redhead

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Submissive Redhead

Sophia Locke Is Sublime

This one gave me goosebumps. Who isn’t a sucker for a submissive redhead, who’s a painslut to boot? dom The Pope (an obvious Discordian) does a number on the beautiful Sophia Locke.
It was like Dom 101 – In Practice. The rigging was lovely, the suspensions were super sexy, ably done, and Sophia Locke looked totally safe, and totally turned on. It was hot.

submissive redhead sophia locke

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Our lovely submissive redhead gets spanked, flogged, waterboarded (!), fingered, forced to cum (forced orgasms are fucking hot), and it’s truly intense. For real. It’s a lot like watching a ‘real’ scene. What becomes evident is that Sophia Locke is eating it up. It’s getting her off. That’s why this is sexy. If she wasn’t into it, it would just be… a human rights violation.

bondage sadism hogtied rope impact play

All in good fun

Rope Bondage Done Right

Hogtied has almost 20 years of content under its hood, and this scene may be the most brutal ever. It’s apparent the our submissive redhead is a masochist, as well, or the world’s greatest actor. There is nothing hotter than getting a woman off. To leave her trembling, sobbing, and powerless from orgasms… that’s the good stuff. That’s what you see here; a woman pushed past the point at which she would normally tap out, and left deeply satisfied.

Domming is a responsibility because bringing a person that far out there leaves them deeply vulnerable and suggestible. That’s why you don’t mindfuck your subs. You can cause long term damage (or drama) for a short term thrill. Here endeth the lesson. sophie locke

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