Slave Training Violet Monroe

Bondage Forced Orgasms The Training of O

slave training violet monroe

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The Training Of O

Slave Training Violet Monroe

Violet Monroe is one of my favorite models. Sometimes she’s a redhead so she’s got that going for her, and she seems to be a sweet, wonderful person, at least on Twitter. I’ve written of her before, and I am sure I will again.

Tommy Pistol has the enviable task of slave training Violet Monroe for The Training of O, and I like what he does. I am a huge fan of nipple play (or nipple torture), and that’s in abundance in this shoot. There’s also a some breathplay, which isn’t as common as it used to be, likely because of restrictions made my credit card processors. It’s still nice to see a bag thrown over Violet’s sweet face, even if she’s not really suffocating. … that sounds horrible but breathplay fans (and tons of women love it.) understand.

violet monroe breathplay

Click to see video clips from this hot shoot. Her perfect nipples begging to be pinched, pulled, and clamped.

Can you imagine being in charge of slave training Violet Monroe? Running your hands over that soft, smooth body? Jesus, Tommy Pistol, you live a charmed life, and The Training Of O is better for it.

If you read my post about Tommy Pistol teaching Ella Nova how to talk dirty, like a whore, then you’re familiar with Tommy’s technique. The caning of the clit is a good one. Violet takes a good amount of pain from clamps, weights, flogging, caning, spanking, and rope, but the end result is craving, and submission. The Violet Monroe slave training seems to be a success!

the training of o violet monroe

See the distention of the nipples? That’s real weight and real pain.

How Can I Watch The Whole Thing?

This is a simple question with two simple answers. You can simply buy this shoot, and own it forever, in glorious HD. That’s one way.

You can also jump in whole hog (as it were) and join Kink Unlimited, and gain access to all 24 Kink sites, with 20 years of content, including the Violet Monroe slave training. That’s jumping in the deep end, for sure, but the value is unparalleled. Enjoy.

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