Slave Girls Fight For Dominance

Anal Bondage Forced Orgasms Lezdom The Upper Floor

slave girls compete

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Ella Nova & Simone Sonay Compete

As Slave Girls Fighting For Dominance

The Upper Floor is one of the sites that I tend to neglect, in favor of such mainstays as Hogtied, or Sex and Submission. However, The Upper Floor always delivers top notch content, with a very legit kinky twist.

This week’s shoot has Seth Gamble pitting two senior slave girls, Simone Sonay and Ella Nova, against each other. They’re in a contest to see who can dominate the other. Of course my favorite kink, forced orgasms, is featured, but there is so much more!

simone sonay ella nova

Don’t you dare cum, or you lose!

One thing that makes this shoot so hot, aside from the slave girls, is that there are tons of real San Francisco scene people fucking all over the place. Anyone who’s ever participated in any public play, kinky or otherwise, knows that there ain’t nothin’ like the real thing. That real energy, from real people who are really turned on, suffuses the whole scene with a sensual eroticism that gets you right between the legs. You watch this, male or female, and you’ll feel that familiar throb. The Upper Floor excels at feeling real.

Plus, all three primaries, Seth Gamble, Ella Nova, and Simone Sonay, are all beautiful, sexy, and super into it. When Ella Nova tries not to cum, with a Hitachi on her clit, that’s real. Same thing with Simone Sonay. That energy is what makes people masturbate when they watch, because if you were really there, you’d be fucking everyone too! It’s a scene worth watching, is the take away from this. 🙂

upper floor seth gamble forced orgasms
By now you must be asking yourself, “How can I see the whole hour long video of these lovely slave girls?” Good question. The answer is simple. Just join The Upper Floor and you can watch the entire feature video, look at the dozens of pics from this shoot, as well as EVERY SHOOT THE UPPER FLOOR HAS EVER MADE. That’s something that tends to get lost in the noise.

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