Sadie Santana Bound

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Sadie Santana Bound on Device Bondage

Sadie Santana Bound on Device Bondage

Device Bondage Presents

Sadie Santana Bound

Device Bondage has updated again and this time we have the lovely Sadie Santana, who has an incredible body, being bound and used by The Pope. He has a wonderful job, doesn’t he? Follow your dreams, people. Life is finite. Unless you’re already living your dream, you’re wasting it.

The Pope brings out the old dildo stick, which reminds me, I saw a video of someone playing a Fallout 4 Mod which included a dildo sword. Good times. Well, The Pope fucks the beautiful Sadie Santana in her mouth, and her gorgeous wet pussy while she is helpless bound to cruel metal.

dildo stick Sadie Santana

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This is Sadie’s first appearance on Device Bondage, and The Pope wastes no time is using her body as a wonderland… of BDSM. As I said before, her tits are gorgeous, and he grabs, squeezes, slaps, and then uses weights to pull down on her nipples, as she’s bound. Sexy. Love it.
Once The Pope is satisfied, he switches up and rips orgasms from Sadie Santana’s¬†immobilized frame. I love forced orgasms. Making a woman cum against her will is a tremendous show of power, plus… in these scenes “against her will” is relative. The Pope warmed her up and left her dripping, then he made her cum again and again. Tension and release. The dance of life.

sadie santana bound and cumming

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How To See The Whole Thing

This whole scene runs almost 42 minutes. There’s a lot of hot content that you miss when you fap to previews. There are two ways to see the whole thing, and they’re both easy. You can go big and join Kink Unlimited (they don’t sell individual site memberships anymore. Only a bundled package) and get this scene, all 20 years of Kink content on 24 sites! That’s an insane amount of bondage porn. It’s also an amazing value. If that’s more than you’re looking for you can also simply buy this shoot, and own it forever. See? Easy. Enjoy.

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