Roxanne Rae Is Perfection

Bondage Forced Orgasms Hogtied Shibari

roxanne rae bondage forced orgasms

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In This New Hogtied Shoot

Roxanne Rae Is Perfection

Goody goody goody! Roxanne Rae is on the latest Hogtied! If you read this blog you know that I love Roxanne Rae. She’s adorable. She’s filthy. She’s tough. She’s nice. All good things. So… every time I see a shoot of hers, I promote it. You’re welcome. She’s awesome.

I think Roxanne Rae is perfection for, likely, the same reason The Pope thinks so. She goes for it, but somehow still seems innocent. It’s almost like you’re flogging Marcia Brady (yes, I’m old. Fuck off), she’s so goddamn YUMMY. Ok. Jesus, man. Get ahold of yourself.

roxanne rae hogtied

Click to see video clips form this shoot. Defiance and Submission in one look.

My favorite Dom, The Pope, treats Roxanne Rae’s nipples… well, the way I’d treat them. He rips the clover clamps from them, he flogs them, pinches, fondles… OBJECTIFIES THEM. All the bad things that make good girls drip. It’s almost sublime.

Watching The Pope and Roxanne Rae can make you forget you’re watching a performance, and you can just lose yourself in the scene. They’re really working well together. The back and forth of their energy is what makes this a level above standard bondage porn. I love it. I love them.

impact play roxanne rae

That body. Jesus Christ.

How Do I Watch The Whole Thing?

A very good question. There are two ways. You can just buy this shoot, and own it forever. You’ll get the whole hour long scene in glorious HD. That makes it look good on the big screen. That’s one thing does well. They light and shoot their scenes wonderfully. There’s not that stark, fluorescent light looking in the mirror when you’re tripping kind of horror that you get from most porn sites. It’s nicely done, and well worth owning.

If you want to jump in because you love bondage porn, AND you think Roxanne Rae is perfection, then you join Kink Unlimited. That gives you the keys to 24 sites, with 20 years of content. Holy Shit. There’s stuff there that you never knew existed. Test shoots, other studios’ work, old sites like Water Bondage… it’s the lost city of kink. Do it. Either one. Do it. Enjoy.

hogtied shibari roxanne rae

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