Roxanne Rae Forced Orgasms

Forced Orgasms Fucking Machines

roxanne rae forced orgasms

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Roxanne Rae Forced Orgasms

On Fucking Machines

If you read my blog (you do read my blog…don’t you?) then you know I think Roxanne Rae is both adorable, and hot. She looks like the kind of girl who says, “golly!” when you fuck her ass. It adds to her charm. Hot women in porn are a dime a dozen. Cute, hot women who can convey innocence even while getting banged by robots on, what appears to be, the holodeck… that’s keeper.

Fucking Machines is a site so one pointed and direct, that if it were a person it would be a Zen monk. (Yes I am, a little, but it’s legal here so gfy) One thing I hadn’t really noticed at first was the rope bondage. There’s a suspension that is just lovely, yet still allows enough stability to align her pussy with the thrusting cock. That takes precision, and because of that precision we see tech provide Roxanne Rae forced orgasms in myriad ways, over and over.

roxanne are forced orgasms

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Roxanne Rae holds your attention throughout the entire scene with her pretty face, her beautiful body, her pulsating pussy that drips with arousal… and her absolutely perfect ass. It’s a great scene from a great model.

If you enjoy machine fucking, and seeing devices provide Roxanne Rae forced orgasms, then Fucking Machines is the site for you. If you really like Roxanne Rae and want to see what else she’s done for, then her model page will provide.

fucking machines anal

Beautiful Anal

How Do I See The Whole Thing?

It’s 2017. You’re a grown up. Stop jerking off to previews. You’re better than that. If you would like to see this full clip, you have two options. You can join Kink Unlimited, giving you access to all 24 of Kink’s fetish/bondage sites. This gives you everything they’ve done going back 20 years, including this Roxanne Rae forced orgasms scene. Kink does a bundled deal now rather than site memberships, so you get an insane amount of content.

If you just want this scene, no problem. You can also buy this shoot and own it forever. Whichever you choose, enjoy.

fucking machines roxanne rae

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