Rain DeGrey Hardtied

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Rain DeGrey hardtied bondage

Classic Rain DeGrey. Cumming and submitting to Matt Williams.

Classic Rain

Rain DeGrey Hardtied By Matt Williams

Rain DeGrey is a bondage legend. She’s a Jedi. She’s been around forever and is famous for the passion of her orgasms. She’s also one of the few hall of fame level models that is on par with the great Matt Williams. It’s a nice symbiosis.

Hardtied is the site where Matt Williams gets to showcase is god tier rigging. In order to so he needs bondage models that are up to the challenge. Not every woman can handle breast bondage that includes giant rock weights as well as rough rope. Look at Rain Degrey’s tits as they’re tied up. See that color? That’s the color that scares Kink.com’s lawyers. That shit requires skill in order to do no real damage.

rain degrey breast bondage

Clever use of leather, stone, and rope.

When you see Rain DeGrey hardtied you will see Matt cane up her calves and legs, with increasing power, until the tears come. Then, BOOM, a blast of the Sybian (upon which she is mounted) which floods her with crushing orgasms, at the will and mercy of Matt Williams.

This is the thing that I love about Hardtied, and the technique of Matt Williams. It’s also what makes Rain DeGrey such a legend in the BDSM scene. She takes the pain and domination, she suffers and gives herself to pain and pleasure in equal measure. She cums with feverish intensity and it’s fucking hot. Here’s a link to my other posts featuring Hardtied.

hard tied bound tits

Those nipples beckon me.

Want To See The Whole Thing?

Hopefully you’ve watched the preview clip by this point. If you haven’t, click any of the pics and do so. If you want to watch the whole half hour session you have two ways in which to do so. You can join Hardtied, which gets you 20 years of content, all the updates, in addition to seeing Rain DeGrey hardtied. Or you can simply buy this one shoot and call it good. Whatever you choose, enjoy.

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