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rachel madori on hogtied

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Rachel Madori On Hogtied

I’m always delighted to see an new scene posted on Hogtied. Kink.com’s flagship bondage site has been live for almost 20 years. This legendary site is in the capable hands of Kink.com dom The Pope.
I only recently discovered Rachel Madori, but I thought she was super neat, way beyond her bondage work. Of course, seeing Rachel Madori on Hogtied is a sublime experience. The Pope wrenches orgasms from her in many ways, and in many positions.

rachel madori in bondage

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Stress positions, forced cocksucking, nipple clamps, flogging, and the almost continuous forced orgasms mark the appearance of Rachel Madori on Hogtied. She’s a beautiful woman and seeing her squirt and scream, and beg, and be stripped of her dignity, and almost her humanity, as she bucks and spasms in orgasmic chaos… it’s hot.

The Pope knows what he’s doing, obviously, and he pulls every iota of sex from Rachel, throughout the entire scene. I love it. There’s a part where (to reinforce Rachel Madori on Hogtied and not Fucking Machines) Rachel is suspended with her arms behind her, and has her ass flogged while she literally dangles and struggles. Yes it would be abuse, if she wasn’t dripping wet and recovering from a trillion orgasms. It’s kink. It’s consensual and it’s hot.

There’s tons of great rope work in this shoot, even though I don’t document it well. It’s an hour long scene and this is simply a blog post. I have to leave a lot out. To see it all you must watch it all.

hogtied rachel madori

This is a legitimate career. What do you do for a living?

Wanna See More?

Want to see more of Rachel Madori on Hogtied? Of course you do! Who wouldn’t? Commies that’s who. You’re not a commie, are you? To see this full length scene you can join Kink Unlimited. Kink doesn’t sell site memberships anymore, individually. You buy a bundle. To see Rachel Madori on Hogtied, you will also see every shoot in Hogtied’s 20 history, and the content of 23 MORE KINK BONDAGE SITES. Yikes. That’s insane.
If that makes you want to run in terror, you can simply buy this shoot of Rachel Madori on Hogtied and own it (and a piece of her) forever. See? Easy.

Here’s the first comment on this shoot, made by a paying subscriber, and I share his enthusiasm.


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