Rachael Madori In Forced Orgasm Bondage Scene

Bondage Device Bondage Forced Orgasms

rachael madori device bondage

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Rachael Madori

On Device Bondage With The Pope

This shoot got to me. Bondage model Rachael Madori is a super cool chick. in addition to being an adult performer, she’s a writer, an actvist and a psychonaut (from one of her sites). Smart women are sexier in my opinion, and watching Rachael Madori beg to cum, over and over, is one of the hottest things I’ve seen in awhile.

Device Bondage is one of the Kink.com sites that can slip under the radar. Legendary sites like Hogtied, The Training of O, Sex and Submission, etc get more attention, but that doesn’t mean they’re better. There’s not fucking or semen. It’s a purer BDSM feel, with the submissive woman, in this case Rachael Madori, getting teased, tormented, and tortured to a ton of forced orgasms. Squirting has never been my thing, but if you like, Rachael Madori squirts a zillion times in this scene.

waxplay bondage forced orgasms

Why yes that is wax all over her naked, cumming, trembling, squirting, body.

Kink.com’s main Dom, The Pope, has Rachael Madori secured and spread eagled. Then there’s sensation play, with floggers, caning, slapping, choking, and what appeared to be some intense pressure point activation. It’s quite a lot for an hour’s scene. That’s a good thing. It’s not just a hitachi on a clit for an hour.

My favorite part (aside from every ‘please’ from her soft lips) is when The Pope makes twin zippers of clothespins on the sides of Rachael Madori’s beautiful tits. The Hitachi makes her beg, yes beg, to cum, knowing full well that the first spasm of bliss will be supplemented with the intense pain of the zippers getting yanked off. Holy shit, was that hot. The whole thing was like a minute long but it made the whole shoot for me.

rachael madori

Nowhere to rest her full body weight. Her femurs and her wrists have to support her, while she cums her brains out.

I Want More Rachael Madori!

How Can Watch This?

That’s a good question, and an easy one. It’s 2016. For about the price of a Netflix subscription you can join Device Bondage for a month, and watch not only Rachael Madori, but EVERY OTHER SCENE THEY’VE EVER DONE. That’s hundreds of shoots. That’s one way.

You can also simply buy this one shoot on Kink on Demand. Easy peasy. Enjoy.

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