Olive Glass Hardtied

Bondage Hardtied Humiliation

hardtied olive glass nipple clamps

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Olive Glass Hardtied

Public Urination Leads To Abduction & Punishment

I just started seeing Olive Glass showing up in my twitter feed, and my god she is lovely. Of course I leapt at the opportunity to see Olive Glass hardtied by OT, because OT is a man of creativity, and sadism. Those two things go together well. Hardtied is a great showcase for OT.

Like many of the shoots OT does, this is a filmed vignette. The plot is that young Olive Glass has to pee, and goes from door to door, desperately begging people to let her use their bathroom, without success. Finally she can wait no more (we’ve all been there), and she squats next to a wall and pisses on the ground. Unfortunately, that ground belongs to OT, and he comes thundering out, furious at the disrespect Olive Glass shows his property. Ka boom.

Olive Glass hardtied

Caught in the act. Olive Glass pissing outside.

Olive Glass is grabbed by the cruel and unusual OT, who ties her up, and commences to a-whoopin’ on her. He ties her to a pole by her neck, and stuffs her panties in her mouth (nice touch). Olive is spanked, flogged, cattle prodded (that’s the worst one), and generally humiliated and punished. Super hot. She’s gorgeous and her body writhes like a an ancient love goddess.

olive glass bondage

Powerless. Click for more.

How To Watch The Whole Thing

If you like seeing pretty women get dominated and punished, with cruel and creativity, then you’re going to want to watch this whole scene, which is entitled Caught In The Act. It’s almost 50 minutes long and full of fun. You have two ways to see the whole thing. You can join Hardtied for a month, and see how you like it. It updates often, and has 20 years of content to sift through, in addition to this scene.
You can also simply buy this one scene a la carte, and call it good. The fine folks at Hardtied will be grateful either way. Enjoy.

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