Nipple Torture On Infernal Restraints

Bondage Infernal Restraints

nipples torture bondage

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Sasha Gets Blinded

And Beaten By Matt Williams

The name of this shoot is Nips, which got my attention because I love me some nipples. I’ve not see this model, Sasha, before, and I can’t even find her on Twitter, so maybe she’s a newcomer. If so she’s certainly jumped in the deep end with this shoot on Infernal Restraints (what a great site name).

Sweet Sasha get’s bound to a rack then whipped and flogged red, before wearing the leather bondage hood The hood is insidious because it blinds the wearer as well as diminishing the hearing, and breathing. It’s a mindfuck designed to increase anxiety and the sense of helplessness. Perfect for breaking a submissive. Well done, Matt Williams.

bondage hood infernal restraints

Zero vision, minimal hearing, and barely enough air.

Now that Sasha is blinded she can’t tell what’s about to happen. All she can do is hear Matt’s muffled footsteps drawing closer. It’s this antici….pation that makes bdsm great. Anyone can beat another person. But the art is in the psychological aspect. In this Matt Williams excels, to Sasha’s chagrin.

This whole scene is a clinic in bondage and domination. Note in the picture below, the weighted nipples hanging painfully, as well as the taped mouth. The coup de grace is the ponytail attached to the stainless steel anal hook. Gravity does all the work, leaving Matt free to cane her feet, or flog her, or whatever else he wants. Efficient.

Want To Watch The Whole Thing?

Sure you do. It’s easy as pie. You can either join Infernal Restraints, and see this shoot, as well as every other shoot they’ve done in the last 10 years (maybe 20, I’m not sure. It’s a lot).

You can also simply buy this shoot and own it forever. Whichever you choose, enjoy.

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