Nikki Darling Throat Fucked To Subspace

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nikki darling throat fucked

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Real Time Bondage

Nikki Darling Throat Fucked

Even though I write about sites a lot, there are other really great bondage sites out there. Real Time Bondage is part of the Insex, or Intersec, family of sites. They made the roughest, toughest, most intense content that was (legally) available. It’s good stuff.

In this shoot you’ll see Nikki Darling throat fucked roughly while bound to a modified stockade. It’s brutal, visceral, and super hot. Nikki Darling is a beautiful woman, and seeing her take cock so deep is satisfying.

real time bondage nikki darling

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There’s a real dungeon feel to this. The set is obviously not as fancy and ostentatious as the Armory, but that’s a good thing. It doesn’t feel like a set. It feels like a real scene with real people into the scene. The equipment is exquisitely utilitarian, in an almost austere, puritanical way. There’s no nonsense. Just form and function.

Most of you don’t care about that stuff. You want to see Nikki Darling throat fucked into subspace. That’s cool. You totally can do that. I was just remarking to those who are in the BDSM scene, that this is the real deal. No divas moaning while hardly getting touched by a flogger. No. In this it really is Nikki Darling throat fucked roughly and with supreme dominance.

See slobber, drool, and cum by clicking the pic.

See slobber, drool, and cum by clicking the pic.

How Do I Get To See Nikki Darling Throat Fucked?

Easily, my friend. You simply join Real Time Bondage and watch the whole thing, see all the pic, and gain access to the vast Archive of shoots going back years and years. Intersex is run by wonderful, many of whom I’ve worked with for years, and they’re a great company.

Real Time Bondage is a live streaming service that has LIVE SHOWS. This shoot is taken from a live show. It’s one thing that makes Insex so hardcore, and awesome. Enjoy.

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