Mona Wales Bound And Fucked

Bondage Forced Orgasms Sexually Broken Shibari

mona wales tied up fucked

Mona Wales gets fucked by Sgt. Miles, on Sexually Broken. Click for more!

Sexually Broken Presents

Mona Wales Part 2

About a week ago I posted Part One of Mona Wales bound and fucked on Sexually Broken, and now it’s time for Part Two. Mona Wales is a beautiful performer with a delicious body, which is broken and abused by Matt Williams and Sgt. Miles.

Mona Wales is renowned for be able to ‘take it’ from the brutal doms, which makes for a wonderful shoot. The shoot is better when the tops have free rein to follow their vision. This is evident when you see Matt and Sgt. Miles fucking Mona Wales from both ends, as she drools, and squirts, and cums, and cries. The orgasms are so frequent and powerful, she experiences ego death, and just becomes a fucktoy.

matt williams mona wales throat

Click to see more Mona Wales bound and fucked by Matt Williams & Sgt. Miles.

This is a very wet and messy scene. There is copious deep throat drool, and lots of squirt from her pummeled pussy. Sgt. Miles’ massive cock is an irresistible force and Mona Wales submits fully. She’s totally sexually broken.
I believe this shoot is edited down from one of the monthly live shows on RealTime Bondage, which are always amazing. There’s no better live bondage show for my money, and I love it that they edit them and make them available to their other subscribers, too.

mona wales fucked doggy style

Mona Wales cums on Sgt. Miles’ massive cock. Click to see more of this Sexually Broken scene.

Watch The Whole Thing

If you like watching submissive women fucked into subspace by massive cocks, then I imagine you want to see the rest of the scene of Mona Wales bound and fucked. You have two ways to do so. You can join Sexually Broken for a month, and see this scene, all updates, and 20 years of content (holy shit). If you dig it, keep your subscription. If not, let it go. no harm no foul.
Alternately, you can simply buy this shoot, and own it forever. Either way means that real people will benefit from your patronage. Enjoy.

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