Mercy West’s Bruised Ass On Paintoy

Bondage Fucking Machines Humiliation Paintoy

mercy west's bruised ass

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Not For The Weak

Mercy West’s Bruised Ass Takes A Whoopin’

Paintoy is part of the Insex family. They are the real deal and they do not fuck around. What that means is that you see bruises. You see tears. You see the kind of things you’d see at a bdsm or fetish party, anywhere. You live near people who do this all the time. makes it pretty and commercial (and inauthentic) but Paintoy doesn’t fuck around.

Pretty little Mercy West, who has moved on up to, as I wrote about here, is another Portland kinkster (like me), and as such I will promote her whenever I can. Goddamn, if you can tear your eyes away from Mercy West’s bruised ass, you will see some seriously hard nipples. My favorite.

fucking machine bondage

That’s not makeup.

Masochists are real and Mercy West is a masochist in this scene. Yes, she’s crying, but she’s cumming and craving it. If you’re shocked at the reality of real, honest d/s, it’s ok. Remember that this was all planned and agreed to. Consensual. Some people love being whipped and caned. Some people love to whip and cane. It make-ah the world go-ah ’round. Humans are complicated.

If you see these pictures and feel suddenly as if you’re finally living in color, after a lifetime of black and white, welcome. Mercy West’s bruised ass is lovely. Mercy West is lovely, and she’s way more than a sub. You should look into her other work. She’s neat.

Mercy West’s Bruised Ass.

Want To See The Whole Scene?

I cannot say enough about Paintoy and the other Insex sites like Sexually Broken, Real Time Bondage (with incredible live shows), and Topgrl, are all WONDERFUL. They’re updated much much more often than Kink’s sites, with many of the same women.

Listen, is brilliant, and their content is legendary. They also are fairly commercial. They’re like Coldplay and Paintoy is more like Motorhead. Or gg allin. 🙂 Enjoy.

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