Maci May & Kelli Lox In Trans Mermaid Surprise

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TS Pussyhunters

Maci May & Kelli Lox On The High Seas

This one is creative. Maci May & Kelli Lox act out a very novel scene. In this scene for TS Pussyhunters, Maci May (who’ve I’ve written of before) is the captain of a pirate ship, and her crew keep drowning, because a siren lures them to jump overboard. Then the siren skins them. Badass. Maci May captures the mermaid, Kelli Lox, and prepares to skin her, as her crew had been skinned. See? Creative.

tgirl cocksucking Kelli Lox

To Maci May’s surprise, under the mermaid tail is a cock! So she gets to sucking. A power exchange occurs in which Kelli Lox becomes the top, controlling and dominating Maci’s delicious little ass.

maci may pirate

Tgirls are all the rage now, as a huge number of straight men admit to hungering for cock now and again. No surprise given that women embraced the bi life back in the 90’s (as a mass phenomenon). Sexuality is a spectrum and the less repressed society is, more of that rainbow becomes safe to explore.

So… in that vein TSPussyhunters exists, to showcase a world in which women are surprised to find out that the woman they’ve been making out with … has a cock. So you get basically two hot women fucking, but there’s cum and a real cock. It’s hot. It’s popular. If you want the version where straight boys are surprised the girl they’re trying to bang has a cock, then you need to check out TS Seduction. Your sexuality is your own. Explore.

Maci May, she of the cute ass, is adorable as always. I could watch her get fucked all day.  If you want to watch this novel, kinky, switchy scene, you should join TS Pussyhunters. It costs about as much as a month of Netflix, and you get years and years of content. Maci May & Kelli Lox. Pirate mermaids. Kaboom.

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