Lyra Law Submits To The Pope

Bondage Forced Orgasms Hogtied

lyra law hogtied bondage

Sexy Lyra Law submits to The Pope in this Hogtied shoot. Click for more.

Hogtied Presents

Lyra Law Submits to The Pope

The lithe and lovely Lyra Law is mainly shown as a Domme on, and when she bottoms for someone, it’s noteworthy. I wrote of her first time on Hogtied, and now she’s back for more. The Pope happily brings her to Hogtied’s new Vegas digs and does what he does. That means lots of tit flogging and nipple torture, and lots and lots of forced orgasms. Who doesn’t like that?

Lyra Law’s body is so lithe and bendy that it almost looks like claymation. She is almost a liquid. The Pope has her bound in various positions as flogs, canes, smacks, pinches, gropes and fucks her into a state of perpetual quivering orgasm. It’s beautiful and it’s pure artistry. There’s a reason he’s paid to do this.

lyra law submits

Forced to cum over and over again. Click for more

I really love laying her over the half barrel. That’s clever and poses her body very sexily, while leaving her completely vulnerable and in a mild stress position. Well done. Something that I’ve never done but always see is the bastinado; the caning of the soles of the feet. It’s not my bag but I can see it as a wonderful way to hurt without injuring, and it always seems to result in hornier women.
The intimacy and familiarity with which The Pope grabs and touches Lyra Law shows the connection these two have, or it shows what good actors they are. Either way is fine with me. It works. As long as Lyra Law submits I’m in.

hogtied forced orgasms Lyra Law

Unable to resist another forced orgasm. Lyra Law submits to The Pope.

Want To Watch The Whole Thing?

If you made it this far I imagine you are interested in seeing the whole hour long (almost) show, on Hogtied. Me too. It’s really good and the pacing is such that there are several sessions which are almost complete scenes unto themselves, so you get a lot of mileage from this one shoot… if you know what I mean.
You have two ways to see when Lyra Law submits to The Pope. One is to go big and join Kink Unlimited, and get access to ALL the sites (24 of them at last count) with their 20 years of content. Holy Shit, right?
You can also simply buy this shoot on its own, and own it forever. Take a look at a screenshot I took of the comments left. It’s a good one. Enjoy.

lyra law hogtied

Real comments from paying members.

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