Lydia Black Sexually Broken

Bondage Sexually Broken

lydia black sexually broken

Lydia Black bound and sucking Matt Williams’ cock. Click for more.

Lydia Black Sexually Broken

In Rough BDSM Threesome

I haven’t seen Lydia Black before, but she calls herself SLUT_WITCH on Twitter, and I can see why. Beautiful black hair and white skin are the classic markings of a goth girl, and everyone knows goth girls are great in the sack.

The men who see Lydia Black sexually broken, through ceaseless and repeated throatfucking, are Matt Williams, and Sgt. Miles. They’re the Doms for Sexually Broken and always provide the magic.

lydia black bondage bdsm goth

Lydia Black bound in a classic slave position, and ready to serve. Click for more.

This scene is magical because Lydia Black is a wonderful submissive. She simply takes it. Not passively. This isn’t something she’s enduring, she absorbs and accepts the dominance, and the cocks, of the two “daddies” who are fucking her throat. She is amazing.
The speed with which Matt and Sgt. Miles switch off is lightning quick, giving Lydia Black literally one breath before another cock is stuffed all the way down her throat. This is messy, intense, and very, very hot. You absolutely see Lydia Black sexually broken.

throatfucking oral alt model goth bondage

Beautiful woman being a beautiful slut. Click for more.

Watch The Whole Thing

Previews suck. You can’t come to them (at least I hope you can’t), and often they don’t even show the best parts of the scene. This is a twelve and a half minute scene that can’t be simply represented with a one minute preview. If you want to see the whole thing, if you want to witness Lydia Black sexually broken by these two cocks, you need to either join Sexually Broken for a month (which also gives you all the updates, as well as 20 years of bondage content), or you can buy this shoot on its own, and have it forever. Whichever you choose, enjoy.

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