Luna LaVey Infernal Restraints

Bondage Infernal Restraints

luna lavey infernal restraints.

Luna LaVey On Infernal Restraints. Click for more bondage and humiliation.

Luna LaVey Infernal Restraints

Bondage & Humiliation

If you’re a regular reader you will note that this is the second Infernal Restraints post in a row. It’s ok. You’ll be alright. We’ll get through it together. The reason for this is that Luna LaVey is the performer this time. Perhaps you remember when I wrote of her before. I really like her and she seems nice.

The plot of this scene, called Modified (but why?) as Luna LaVey is playing the sister of poor Kenzie Taylor, of yesterday’s Infernal Restraints post. Luna LaVey is seeking vengeance on OT, for what he did to her poor sister. She thinks she’s badass enough to handle OT easily. She is mistaken. Then she is taken. Then bound. Then giant dildo is stuff down her throat.

luna lavey metal bondage

Luna Lavey in an stress position. Helpless and bound. Click for more.

Once again OT proves himself to be a master of predicament bondage, and stress positions. He does to Luna LaVey what the USA does to suspected terrorists. She’s kept in positions in which she can neither sit or fully stand. Her limbs are not in her control, and OT takes a huge scissors and cuts off her clothing; she’s naked and helpless…and to her shame and horror she is also dripping wet. This is what Infernal Restraints is great at.
Luna LaVey cannot hide the fact that this brutal abusive treatment has made her amazingly horny. OT takes note and puts clamps on her pussy lips, and holds her glistening cunt open, for the world to see, and for him to fuck. Good times. For OT that is. For Luna LaVey I think it’s more a moment of clarity.

luna lavey pussy clamps

Fiendish metal contraptions designed to restrain and expose. Click for more Infernal Restraints.

Watch The Whole Thing

If you made it this far I trust you’ve watched the preview, seen the pics, and want to see more. Good for you. Metal bondage and sadism have no better home than Infernal Restraints. If you would like to watch the complete hour long set (with creative sadism and helpless Luna LaVey) then you should join Infernal Restraints for a month, and check out all it’s 20 years of content, which you get in addition seeing Luna LaVey on Infernal Restraints.
If you just want to see this shoot, then you can buy it separately and own it forever. Whichever choice you make, you’re helping real people. Enjoy.

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