Lorelei Lee Submits On Hogtied

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lorelei lee submits hogtied

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Lorelei Lee Submits

To The Pope On Hogtied.com

There are women whose personae are so strong that one has a hard time imagining them as submissive. Lorelei Lee is one such woman. She’s super smart, socially active, and mainly (in the scenes I’ve seen anyway) pretty much on the femdom side of thing, when it comes to guys. No worries. Lots (and lots and lots) of people dig that.

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This time, on Hogtied and only to The Pope, Lorelei Lee submits. The Pope doesn’t hold back either. He gets real specific when it comes to the application of pain. A thin switch applied specifically to her clit. Nice. She goes for it, too. There’s great work on both their parts.

One of the sexiest things for me is Lorelei Lee’s voice. Hearing that voice beg and plead to cum turned me on so much. And seeing her spasm on the dildo stick was a definite highlight. Good good stuff! Who doesn’t like forced orgasms?

rope bondage hogtied lorelei lee

So beautiful

How Can I See The Whole Thing?

Easy. You’re an adult. You do the adult thing. You do one of two things. You sign up for Kink Unlimited, giving you access to Hogtied, and 23 OTHER KINK SITES. That’s 20 years of content with dozens of sites, multiple studios (Kink’s libraries contain more than just Kink.com content), all accessible to you. Holy shit, right?

Kink.com doesn’t offer individual site memberships anymore, but they offer the Kink Unlimited bundle (like a cable company in a way) so you get SO MUCH for your dollar. If you appreciate bondage porn and like the kinky stuff, then it’s a no brainer. It’s not the only option, though.

You can also just buy this shoot, and own it forever. Easy peasy either way. It’s super hot when Lorelei Lee submits. Enjoy.

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