London River Unhappily Married Part Two

Bondage Humiliation Infernal Restraints

london river blonde big boobs

Blinded, surgically augmented, with the tendrils threaded through her sinus cavities. Click for more.

London River’s Transformation

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Husband Scorned

Yesterday I wrote about part one of the Infernal Restraints scene, Unhappily Married. In part two London River awakens from her sedation to a new reality. She is no longer the horrible wife who abused poor OT. Now OT has surgically altered her to be his physical ideal. He gave her breast implants to give her luscious large tits, and dyed her hair Targaryan blonde. He also put blackout lenses in her eyes so she can’t see anything.

With the physical transformation complete the time for behavior modification (torture) begins. Creepy is the word I would use to describe this. That’s the point. OT is simply trying to create a happy marriage, but his wife is a horrible cunt, so… he has to change that.

London River blonde big boobs

Why yes that is a heating coil held to London River’s ass. Click to see more.

The best part (to me) is that while OT is beating London River’s feet with a mallet, or scorching her perfect, delicious, soft, yummy, flesh with a bare heating coil, ripped right from an oven, he is speaking to her sweetly and softly saying things like, “We’re going to be so happy, I just have to work on your mind.”

I don’t even know what half this shit is called. London River is blinded (as I mentioned earlier) has black tendrils threaded through her sinuses, binding her mouth and nose, and giving OT a handle with which to lead her around, he puts her sweet, adorable legs in slanted wooden blocks so she has to totter around (blind) groping wildly for him… it works. The trauma reimprints her brain to completely depend upon OT for safety. It also teaches her that OT is firmly in control of everything, including her own psyche. Her body isn’t her own. Her mind isn’t her own. Guess it’s time to make your man a goddamn sandwich…and maybe don’t suck strange dick anymore (without permission).

London River unhappily married part two

Follow My voice. I am your only reality. Click to see more.

How Do I Watch The Whole Thing?

If you’re a fan of rough, tough sadism, then you want to see Unhappily Married Parts 1 & 2. You have two ways in which to do so. The choice that costs the least is to join Infernal Restraints, which will give you access to both of these scenes (2 hours total, like a movie), all the new updates, as well as 20 years of content.
Or you can simply buy this shoot and own it forever. Your choice. Enjoy.

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