London River Unhappily Married Part One

Bondage Humiliation Infernal Restraints

london river unhappily married

London River is a mean, ungrateful, hateful wife to poor OT, who just wants to make her love him. Click for more.

An Abused Husband’s Revenge

London River Is Unhappily Married

One of the best things about the Intersec sites, of which Infernal Restraints is one, is that they occasionally produce a narrative, not just a stand alone bondage scene. Unhappily Married Part One is one of these mini films.

London River plays a horrible, over the top, bitch of a wife to the completely pussy whipped, & cowed, OT. All he wants is to make her happy, and all she does is belittle him. You know… marriage (says the recently divorced blogger).

london river infernal restraints bondage

London River getting kicked in the cunt by a husband scorned. Click for more

After blatantly blowing a guy in front of him, in their own house, OT has enough and decides to flip the script on his internal torment, and drugs London River (shutting her up for whole minutes!) then binds her in the garage.

Shit’s changed once she awakens. OT has realized that love is wasted on this horrible creature, but even demons respond to pain. So… OT brings the pain. It’s a testament to how well these two performers work together, seeing the tortures inflicted upon London River (who is no longer an arrogant princess, but rather a whiny victim). He even kicks her in the cunt with his booted foot. Goddamn.

OT brings out the big guns with some very creative, and skillful, sadism. London River’s feet are beaten (bastinado), she’s put in stress positions, kicked, slapped, and her beautiful pussy gets punished… hint… urethral play. This is top shelf BDSM. You don’t see this on the sites.

OT London River bondage

London River awakens to a new reality. Click for more.

How Do I Watch The Whole Thing?

You may have noticed that this episode is simply Part One. Part Two is brilliant. I will post that next. You see London River had a boob job and went blonde recently, and they bring that into this series. Part Two has her with bigger boobs and platinum hair… as OT transforms her into an ideal woman. Clever clever clever. I like these people even though I’ve never met them. You can tell they’re cool, and nice… and if you read their twitter, super dorks. My kind of people.

You can watch this HOUR LONG movie one of two ways. You can join Infernal Restraints and see Unhappily Married, as well as all the other sadistic flicks OT has come up with over the years, and all new ones that come out.

You can also simply buy this shoot and own it forever. Joining is the better value but if you just want this video, then a la carte is the way for you. Paying for porn means real people benefit. Enjoy.

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