London River Torments Ashley Lane

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london river ashley lane topgrl

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London River & Ashley Lane

Yummy Yum Yum Yum

What is there to say about London River which has not already been sung by the birds in the trees, and in the sweet kiss of dawn’s first light? She’s amazing, as a top and as a bottom. I write about her all the time because she’s fucking awesome.

I have written of Ashley Lane before and rest assured, I shall again. She’s beautiful and takes to torment like a champ. Did I mention that she’s beautiful?

TopGrl is a site I visit regularly, and is (imo) the premier girl/girl femdom site, hands down. The main reason is the creativity and authenticity of London River. Did you see her scene with Milcah Halili?

topgrl ashley lane london river

Expertly applied strokes cause pain but not damage.

It’s easy to just whoop on a bound sub, and call it bondage porn. TopGrl shows the real deal. By real deal, I mean the kind of scenes you see at kink clubs, events, etc. What the truly kinky people do to each (with full consent and proper gender pronouns, and dental dams, and liability waivers, and extreme vetting, and all the other PC garbage the takes the kink out of kinky)

London River ups the ante, painwise, with the liberal application of lube which was tainted with capsaicin, which essentially turns it into tiger balm. Tiger balm lube. Then the ass fucking, forced orgasms, and utter, genuine, sexual torment, culminating in a milk enema. Milk is the only thing that calms the heat of the capsaicin. Holy shit. All applied by a blue eyed brunette whose name is a place. No, not Tokyo Rose. No, not Indiana Jones. Shut up. You’re being a prick. You know I mean London River.

ashley lane buttplug

Crazy hot lube. Unbelievably hot.

Watch The Whole Thing

Or Die A Coward

There are a couple easy ways to watch this devilish lezdom scene with London River, and Ashley Lane. First, you can simply buy this scene, and be done. Fine. Go. Who’s stopping you? Bok bok! (chicken noises). Second, you can grab life by the ass and go balls deep, and join TopGrl. Enjoy.

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