London River Tops Syren De Mer

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Two beautiful women. Click to see as London River tops Syren De Mer

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London River Tops Syren De Mer

London River tops Syren De Mer. That should be all I need to say. London River is the top girl on Hardtied, and Syren De Mer is a gorgeous bondage model that is always sexy as hell. Together they’re just magical.

London River was so looking forward to working with Syren De Mer, but when Syren showed up with bruises from a previous session, London was hurt and offended, so she decided to use suction on Syren’s amazingly perfect tits and pussy.

Suction breasts Syren De Mer lezdom

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The suction makes Syren’s nipples and clit swollen, sore, and extremely sensitive. This creates a wonderland for London’s wicked mind. In no time Syren is crying out in pain and pleasure, as London tortures her sensitive clit to orgasm after orgasm.

Both women 69 in an erotic ying yang of sapphic perfection. London River is an exquisite lezdom and she and Syren De Mer have bodies worthy of pure adoration, or rough taking, depending on your polarity. London moves the suction cups to Syren’s bruised ass, and then beats her with a spatula, before sinking into kisses and aftercare. This is a GREAT lezdom scene.

syren de mer london river 69

Two beautiful women pleasuring each other. Click for more.

How To Watch The Whole Thing

By now you’ve seen the preview pics, and watched the video, and you want to see the whole scene. Of course you do. Who wouldn’t? You have two easy ways in which to see this whole 45 minute video. You can join Hardtiedfor a month, giving you access to this scene, all updates, and the 20 years of archived content they have. Holy shit, right? If that’s too much for you, then you can simply buy this shoot a la carte, and own it forever. Whichever you choose, you’re supporting real folks who appreciate your business. Enjoy.

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