London River Tops Rick Hunt

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london river cock torture

Watch as London River tops Rick Hunt on TopGrl. Click for more!

TopGrl Presents Dick Tied

Watch As London River Tops Rick Hunt

As much as I love and write about London River, I don’t believe I’ve seen her in a femdom role before. That may be because women topping guys does nothing for me, or it may be because London River doesn’t professionally top guys that often. It is a mystery for the ages. In any case when London River tops Rick Hunt, it’s on like Donkey Kong.

London’s demeanor is one of professional coolness, almost indifference. This is juxtaposed by occasional laughs, comments, and things that just make sub males squirm in anticipation. She knows how to torture a cock and balls. Rick Hunt’s mouth is taped shut as London pokes the tender underside of his (hard and dripping) cock with a bamboo skewer. Simply brutal.

Rick hunt sucking cock topgril

When London River tops Rick Hunt she holds nothing back. Click for more.

In my experience TopGrl focuses more on lezdom but this femdom shoot is excellent, and truly great sadism-wise. Rick Hunt endures binder clips placed on his stretched, and tender, skin. He’s caned and flogged until his skin is striped, but his erection never wanes.

Eventually London River turns her attention to his helpless, vulnerable ass. First it’s a gloved finger, then it’s London’s ever hard cock. Her strap on pummels Rick’s ass as he moans and cries out in pleasure. TopGrl delivers again, and London River is still Insex’s best ass-et.

London River pegging strap on

Hooded and bound, Rick Hunt takes London River’s cock deep and hard. Click for more.

How To Watch The Whole Thing

Dick Tied (the name of this scene) is almost 45 minutes long. If you like the previews you will go bananas for the whole thing. You have two ways to watch this. One is to join TopGrl for a month and see 20 years of lezdom & femdom content, as well as this shoot and all updates. The second way is to simply buy this one shoot and call it good. Whichever you choose, you’ll be helping real people. Enjoy.


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