London River Tops Luna LaVey

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Petrichor is the smell of the rain. Love it. Click for more pics of Luna LaVey getting topped by London River.

TopGrl Presents

 London River Tope Luna LaVey in Little Devil

Regular readers of this blog know that I adore London River and all she does. I still think that her 24 hour bondage party was one of the coolest things ever. In this scene for TopGrl, London River tops Luna LaVey, she of many piercings.

London River spends a lot of time working the feet, which is a plus for foot lovers everywhere. She licks, bites, canes, and tickles them as the bound and helpless Luna LaVey can only squirm and moan. The cruel bastinado hammers sharp pain onto the soles of her helpless feet, as London impassively regards her prey, and plans her next torment.

london river tops luna lavey

Bastinado for Luna LaVey. Click for more.

There is some surprising action here, with London River punching the tender pussy of Luna Lavey with the calm indifference of a person evaluating a piece of meat. That’s the thing that gets me about this scene. The silence and impassive demeanor of London. Beyond care or compassion. Just playing with Luna LaVey, like a cat with a spider.

There are forced orgasms, ripped from Luna LaVey at random times, with no warm up. Just a hitachi to the clit, and a joyless spasming. Love it. Love them. Love TopGrl. If you like lezom porn, TopGrl should be on your list.

luna lavey bondage forced orgasms

Forced orgasms are my favorite.

How To Watch The Whole Thing

Little Devil is almost a full hour long. You have two ways to watch the whole thing. You can join TopGrl for a month, watch the scene, all the updates, and the 20 years of content that’s already in the archive. That’s one way.
If you just want to watch as London River tops Luna LaVey, you can buy this shoot a la carte, and call it good. In either case you’re supporting real people, and I thank you. Enjoy.

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