London River Tops India Summer

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london river tops india summer

Two lovely brunettes. Pretty pretty.

TopGrl Presents

London River Tops India Summer

This is a good one. London River is a very sensuous top. There’s a story behind this too. Remember when London River topped Milcah Halili? There was a nice story with that too. This time London River, the schemer, concocts a fake photo shoot to lure India Summer into her clutches. I don’t know why anyone would need to be lured. She’s beautiful and I want to feel how soft and smooth her skin is.

Using the photo shoot ruse, London quickly has India where she wants her. She starts with licking and sucking her toes, because apparently she’s like me when I’m on MDMA. However, that doesn’t last long, as London River tops India Summer with sensual torments like flogging, hair pulling, and (my favorite) forced orgasms.

london river toe sucking

Toe sucking leads to BDSM, just like marijuana leads to heroin.

These two women are amazing together. When London River tops India Summer it’s not all pain, not at all. There is plenty of oral and strap on fucking, which is crazy hot. Then there are the orgasms that London tears from India. So good.

Oh! They look extra hot because the photoshoot was a lingerie shoot, so these tanned, dark haired beauties look enchanting in their garters and bras. So, so yummy. TopGrl is above and beyond other lezdom sites, for just this reason. It’s just a notch better.

strap on lezdom

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How To Watch The Whole Thing

This whole scene is almost 40 minutes long, and it’s gorgeous. There are a couple ways to see it. You can join TopGrl and see this, and 20 years of lezdom content, as well as all the updates. That’s awesome. If you just want to see this one scene, you can simply buy this shoot, and own it forever. Mazel Tov.


  1. RussellJJr April 22, 2017 12:52 pm

    I love watching London River or any women in stockings…this is one I like!!!

    • Marky D. Sade April 22, 2017 1:28 pm

      The lingerie looks amazing on them, and the camerawork is superb. Glad you like!

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