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Shouldn’t have grabbed her ass, Lance. Click for more.

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Watch London River Top Lance Hart

This is an odd one. One of the reasons I write about London River so much, aside the fact that I like her as a person (from what I can deduce from Twitter), is her creativity. She works on a broad spectrum. She can sub with the most brutal torment, and she tops like a goddess. She is also pretty.

Lance Hart is also pretty. In this scene on TopGrl he plays a gent who’s having trouble with his bike, and lovely London River helps him out, because she’s nice. He grabs her ass as she is leaving, and then… it’s on. In no time he’s bound, naked, and getting his ass filled with air with his own bike pump. See? Creative.

london river top lance hart

Lance Hart getting topped by London River on TopGrl. Click For More.

London River introduces CBT to Lance Hart’s world, and you can tell he regrets his earlier behavior. His vulnerable ass gets lots of attention and punishment. She works her way up to pumping air up his ass, and making him fart it out. That’s serious humiliation and shame. It also explains why the name of this scene is Lance Fart.
If you love femdom stuff then this is definitely one to see. The bike pump alone makes it worthwhile. Seeing London River top Lance Hart is a keeper, for sure. TopGrl is a really diverse mix of femdom/lezdom rope, metal, leather, cbt… basically it’s really creative with a touch of whimsy. You’ll like it.

london river cbt femdom

London River standing on the cock and balls of Lance Hart. Click for more.

Watch The Whole Thing

The one minute preview video is good, but it’s nothing like the 45 minute complete scene. You can’t fap to previews. If you’d like to see London River top Lance Hart you have two ways to do so.
You can join TopGrl for a month, and see this scene, all updates, and the 20 years of content they already have. Or you can simply buy this shoot, and call it good. Whichever you choose, enjoy.

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