London River Sexually Broken

Bondage Sexually Broken

london river sexually broken

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Spitroasted, Bound, & Fucked

London River Sexually Broken

London River is a renaissance woman around the Intersec/Insex sites. Just the other day I wrote of her on Hardtied. Now she is fucked and cums so hard she starts breaking shit. Seriously, you should read the description of this shoot on the gallery page (click any of the pics). This is real sex. The intensity is real.

She’s obviously intense. You can see that immediately. Shackled and ready to be used by Matt Williams, and Sgt. Miles, seeing London River sexually broken is undeniably hot. It’s real. She’s not performing. She’s getting fucked and is cumming for real. Voracious and wild. A rare woman.

bondage face fucking threesome

Watching her tits sway from the pounding. Click to see.

She ravenously swallows Matt’s cock, taking it deep in her throat and groaning for my. Pushing herself to gag and choke. Relishing the submission and letting the archetypal Whore come forth. I’m not kidding. She’s like the Tasmanian Devil. I would wager that not every man gets to dominate and use her like that. That’s a submission born of strength. That makes it so much hotter.

London River’s skin is smooth perfection. Her ass is without flaw. You’ll see me promote her quite a bit. Like Mercy West and Violet Monroe, some models do something to me. It’s dandy. It’s also cool to promote local talent. I love Portland and the kink folks therein.

london river perfect ass

This ass is perfect.

How Do I Watch The Whole Thing?

Previews are a tease. Don’t jerk off to previews. Watch the whole thing. See her cum, hear her cum. Watch her become an animal as you watch London River sexually broken. Join Sexually Broken. It’s the real deal. It’s the good stuff you can appreciate as you mature. This is real. Enjoy.

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