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london river ball gag rope bondage

If you don’t break this woman, she’ll break you.

London River Hardtied

In Rough Rope Bondage

It’s been awhile since my last post, and I wanted to come back with something that really moves me. London River is one of my favorite bondage models, as well as one of my favorite adult peeps to follow on Twitter. She’s real. She’s a dork. She’s super hardcore, and now she’s blond with bigger tits. America.

She’s started working with big time porn companies now, and I couldn’t be happier for her. In this shoot for Hardtied, OT puts her into serious stress positions, in a homage to BDSM artist ROOK-07. In the scene description OT writes, ” The bondage is a medium to expose the inner beauty that is suffering. Through bondage we can see the subject freed in many ways.”

london river forced orgasms bdsm

Forced orgasms are my favorite.

In this Hardtied shoot, entitled Rook’d, London River is put through six difficult bondage positions. She’s a real pro, a bondage goddess, in that she gets off on the challenge, the submission, the humiliation, and (of course) the orgasms. She and OT have worked together for years, and he knows exactly how much she can take. It makes for great content.

We have some bastinado, crotch rope, leather hood, forced orgasms, caning, spanking, slapping… so much drool. It’s good stuff.

london river shibari

Unicursal Sexagram.

How To See The Whole Thing

Jerking off to previews is for the young. You’re an adult (you sure as hell better be) and adults pay for porn. Well, no they don’t which is why the industry is in a tailspin. However, kinky adults pay for their content. Hardtied is a site run by real people who need real money. If you want to see this 34 video in its entirety, you simply need to join Hardtied. You’ll get to see this, as well as hundreds of other shoots, made over the last 20 years. It’s totally worth it if you like bondage porn.
If for some reason you despise the idea of access to an archive full of decades of top notch bdsm content, you can always just buy this one shoot. Options. You have them. Enjoy.

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