Lily Lane On Infernal Restraints

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lily lane infernal restraints bondage

Lily Lane is an accountant who cooked the wrong books. See her diabolical bondage punishment. Click for more.

Held Accountable

Lily Lane On Infernal Restraints

I don’t believe I’ve written of Lily Lane before, but after seeing her taking all the rough treatment OT gives her (and he’s a man who knows how to torment) on Infernal Restraints, I think I’ll be writing of her a lot more.

Like many scenes on Infernal Restraints, this one, called Held Accountable, has a plot. Lily Lane is the staff accountant, and keeps fucking up. After OT takes a look at the books, and sees that several affiliates have not been paid, he binds and strips her. She begs for mercy but seeing how turned on she gets being bound… OT can’t pass up the opportunity to punish her more.

Lily Lane bondage insex

Lily Lane in bondage. Stocks specifically. Click to see more.

There’s something about seeing a beautiful woman rendered helpless. Beauty is a power and to remove that from someone’s arsenal is a thing to behold. Lily Lane is put in the stockage while OT treats her like a pure piece of property. Her agency is removed.
Shortly thereafter OT wraps her pretty face, leaving only a hole to fuck. Her beauty is negated. Her identity is negated. She is a pure object. A simple noun. Helpless and yet paradoxically free to be a complete and utter whore. To take what OT gives freely. This is the gift of bondage. The blessing of sadism.

Lily lane infernal restraints bondage sadism

Faceless. Nameless. Just a whore to punish and use. Click for more.

How To Watch The Whole Thing

Do you like the previews? Do you want to watch the entire half hour session? It’s easy peasy. You have two ways in which to see Lily Lane on Infernal Restraints. The first is to join Infernal Restraints for a month, watch this complete scene, all the new ones that come out, and the 20 years of content already shot.
Or you can buy this shoot on its own and call it good. Either way you’re supporting real people pursuing their real passions. Good on you.

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