Leigh Raven Hogtied

Bondage Forced Orgasms Hogtied

leigh raven hogtied

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The Pope Works With A Newcomer

Leigh Raven Hogtied

There’s a fresh new face on Hogtied this week. The Pope welcomes, as only he can, Leigh Raven to Hogtied, and he pushes her to the limit, multiple times. That’s a talent The Pope has, knowing exactly how far to push a sub, without her tapping out.

Seeing Leigh Raven hogtied is a pure pleasure, as she’s beautiful, and her anxiety is real, and her pain is real, her humiliation is real, and (my favorite part) her orgasms are real. Forced orgasms are the best part of bondage, imo. Tearing orgasms from a woman when she’s powerless and completely abject, is the hottest thing in the world; and when she asks you for permission? Sublime.

leigh raven bondage

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Leigh Raven is completely lovely and I hope to see her on other Kink sites, as well as Hogtied, very soon. She’s a keeper. Her tits are perfect… her whole body is perfect, and her pussy looks just delicious.

The suspensions are cleverly designed to up her level of struggle and discomfort, giving her no respite from the torment. She told The Pope she’s a painslut, so it’s no surprise to see him accept that implied challenge.

forced orgasms hogtied

So uncomfortable and yet she can’t help cumming.

Want To Watch The Whole Thing?

Of course you do. Why wouldn’t you? A beautiful naked woman rendered helpless and uncontrollably horny by her Dom. Ah, Heaven. Well, you’re in luck because there are two ways to watch this (almost) hour long session.

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