Latex Cuckold Chastity At Hotel Divine

Bondage Cuckolding Divine Bitches Femdom

latex cuckold chastity

You don’t get to fuck her, or even cum. Click to see more.

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Reservation: Cuckold

Maitresse Madeline Marlowe has done an admirable job of bringing substance to Divine Bitches. There’s care and concern for plot, direction… it’s treated seriously. So much in porn, both in the content and on the business end, is so second rate. There’s a smugness that comes from working in a cool, taboo, decadent industry. I used to write for AEBN, which we joked stood for All Employees Bring Narcotics. Good times. Wasteful, inefficient, way full of drama, but fun. The bar is a lot lower all around.

Ok, enough with the trip down memory lane. We’re here to promote this latex cuckold chastity scene on Divine Bitches.

The Latex Cuckold Chastity Scene

Ok. Here’s the situation


Hotel Divine has been busy! Rick Fantana noticed the new hotel on his way to his construction job, and thought he’d check in for an hour, on his lunch break. He’s welcomed by the divine gimp and to Rick’s surprise, nothing is what it seems. It’s obvious he has stepped into a world unlike any other.

latex femdom chastity cage

Maitresse Madeline emerges from a bath of milk and rose petals covered head to toe in latex. That’s the latex portion of the latex cuckold chastity bit. She slithers and slides over to him with the help of her gimp, played by Tommy Pistol (in the role that gets to fuck Madeline) and without missing a beat Rick realizes his place in this triad.

You know in your heart your not meant to cum, or fuck women. It’s the humiliation, shame, and impotence that fuel you.

His raging cock is locked and trapped in the chastity part of the latex cuckold chastity show, while Madeline slips her latex flesh up and down his body, and sucks her gimp’s hard cock. Madeline is skull fucked hard, just the way she likes it, producing so much saliva. This is the only nectar of pleasure Rick gets to enjoy of Madeline’s large, perfect, wet lips.

Rick’s bent over and penetrated by Madeline’s big long stick. The on going theme of Divine Hotel is to torment men not with pain but with pleasure. In other words, you can check out anytime you like, but you can never cum.

Rick adores having his prostate milked and Madeline hits his multiple orgasm button over and over again but pulls out every single time he is about to cum. You see, he has made a cuckolding reservation and that means the only ones cumming are Madeline, and her gimp bull!

Madeline gets railed hard in her hungry, evil pussy while Rick is made to watch on his back getting pounded in his ass and denied every time he’s on the edge. Orgasm after orgasm and Madeline is finally ready for her gimp bull to cum. She takes two loads of his in her mouth and swallows it all down. Lucky for Rick she sends him back to work with one last kiss and just the smallest scent of the sex he will never have with her. That, I guess, is the cuckold part of the latex cuckold chastity triad? Are Jack and Madeline a couple? Is that how it’s cuckolding? I don’t know. Life is full of mysteries.

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