Kleio Valentine On Infernal Restraints

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Kleio Valentine Infernal Restraints bondage invader

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Invader: Featuring London River, OT, &

Kleio Valentine On Infernal Restraints

If you are going to strike the Queen, make sure you kill Her.

It is unwise to betray London River, especially if you are already in the wrong. Kleio Valentine is a roaming vagabond looking for a warm bed, and a hot meal, and she breaks into London River’s place to get them. False pretenses bring her into the home and then she attacks London with a kitchen knife, leaving her (assumed) dead.

The heartless Kleio Valentine takes a shower in London’s bathroom, and thus does not hear OT, London’s husband come home. He finds London in the kitchen, bleeding like a stuck pig, and goes on the hunt for revenge.

Kleio Valentine Infernal Restraints

You’re fucked now, Kleio Valentine, and not just in the fun way. Click for more.

OT finds Kleio Valentine naked and showering, and in moments she’s cowering in the corner, begging for mercy. Mercy? After stabbing his wife? Nope. Fuck that.

The wrathful OT binds Kleio in mesh, cloth, well, basically anything he can find to confine and terrorize this evil woman. The torment is exquisite, and I loved every second of it. London River returns in the end, scarred but alive, to flog and whip the now totally fucked Kleio Valentine. She wanted a hot shower and shelter. Well, she has it now. She has no freedom, or love, or joy, or pleasure, but she has a place to stay, and that place is firmly under the dominion of OT and London River.

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Nipples. I love nipples. Click for more.

How To Watch The Whole Thing

Invader is a really nice vignette that has truly inventive bondage and punishment. If you want to see Kleio Valentine get her cum uppence (!) then you have ways in which to do so. If you just want to see Kleio Valentine on Infernal Restraints, then you can buy this shoot a la carte and call it good. If you like the whole bondage thing in general, I suggest joining Infernal Restraints for a month and seeing all the content they have to offer, going back 20 years. Either way you support real people making real content. Thank you and enjoy!

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Infernal Restraints

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