Kenzie Taylor Bound and Drooling

Bondage Humiliation Infernal Restraints

kenzie taylor bondage drool gag

Kenzie Taylor bound and drooling on Infernal Restraints. Click for more!

Infernal Restraints Presents

Kenzie Taylor Bound and Drooling

This one if for everyone who is into messy thick drool, and helpless women. Kenzie Taylor, the beautiful, buxom, blond I wrote of recently is bound in increasingly uncomfortable stress position, while gagged with a bit. This makes her exceedingly, and increasingly uneasy, and helpless to prevent the drool from pouring out of her mouth. Humiliation, degradation, and torment are the results.

If should come to no surprise to readers of this bondage blog that the Dom in this scene is the diabolical OT. Forced orgasms aren’t his thing. That is still pleasure after all. Mindfucking is more his style (which I deeply respect), so when Kenzie Taylor shows up for a photo shoot (as means to pay off debt), he binds her uncomfortably and leaves her alone, for minutes.

kenzie taylor bondage drool

Drool, predicament bondage, humiliation, and sadism. Click for more

Predicament bondage is the phrase of the day here. Every posture in which OT forces Kenzie Taylor┬áis more uncomfortable than the last. He tightly ties her giant tits with rope, then ties that rope to her big toes. He spits in her face. He flogs her. He fucks her with a nice looking stainless steel (n’Joy I would guess) dildo. He degrades her with actions. He toys with her. At no time is he affected by her naked body, or her incredible beauty. That’s a rarity for women. It’s also another layer of unsettling data for Kenzie Taylor to process, while enduring all this.

bound tits rope kenzie taylor bdsm

Bound tits. Kenzie Taylor on Infernal Restraints. Click for more.

How To Watch The Whole Thing

Infernal Restraints is a wonderful site for inventive bondage and sadism. If you saw the previews and would like to see the whole 38 minute scene, you have two ways in which to do so. You can either join Infernal Restraints for a month, watch this shoot, browse the 20 years of bondage scenes they’ve done, and watch all the updates that post… or you can simply buy this one shoot and call it good. Either way you’re supporting real people making real bondage porn. Enjoy.

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