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Kel Bowie Is In Trouble

Prediament Bondage & Sadism

Kel Bowie Is In Deep Shit

Infernal Restraints is a site that lives up to its name. Control, domination, and abuse are the watchwords here. O.T. is the Lord of the Realm, and he is a cruel master, even though he loves pi (his twitter handle is philos314).

In this vignette (this is has a storyline like the London River & Milcah Halili shoot) Kel Bowie makes some poor choices, and ends up on the run from the cops. She has bad taste in men and he dirtbag guy got her in trouble. She turns to her friend O.T. for sanctuary, which is akin to looking to Dracula for help with a nosebleed, and (like Dracula) O.T. takes her in with grace.

kel bowie infernal restraints

Stress position, painful, vulnerable, and exposed.

Guess what? Turns out Kel Bowie made yet another bad decision and trusted yet another wrong guy. One spiked drink later she wakes up in stocks and naked. Let the games begin. O.T. is, one can tell, a very intelligent man. The torments he devises for poor Kel Bowie are devious and clever.

He canes the taut under flesh of her clamped and weighted tits, he snaps the inner labia of her clamped and spread pussy with a long rubber band. Those are excruciating and very unique sources of pain. Of course, one also notes that Kel Bowie’s helpless spread pussy is also wet, possibly because O.T. is right in his assessment of her whorishness.

kel bowie predicament bondage

Kel Bowie should have let the cops take her. Their rapes and beatings are less horrific.

Watch The Whole Thing

This is more than a bondage scene. This is its own piece of work. A novella in motion. It has a beginning, middle, and end, and you should really watch the whole thing. “But how?”, you cry. Knock it off. This is nothing to cry about.
You can watch the whole 45 minute movie, Deep Shit, by either joining Infernal Restraints, which gets you the 20 years of content tat already exists, as well as Kel Bowie’s scene, AND any updates that occur. That’s a lot of well thought out predicament bondage content.
Or you can simply buy this scene a la carte and own it forever. This is a good one. Don’t miss out.

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