Kel Bowie Infernal Restraints – Kept Kel Part One

Bondage Forced Orgasms Infernal Restraints

bdsm forced orgasm

Nothing beats making a woman cum against her will.

Kept Kel Part One

Kel Bowie Infernal Restraints

I really like bondage model Kel Bowie. Like her former coworker, London River, Kel is a super cute, super kinky, super real person. Follow her on Twitter and you’ll see what I mean. A real person who isn’t always in performer mode (nothing wrong with that, just not my cuppa tea) will always curl my toes.
In this Kel Bowie Infernal Restraints shoot, entitled Kept Kel Part One, we have Kel as the office girl for OT, and his diabolical (or Infernal) websites. From the confines of her cage she uses her MacBook to recruit models, and lure them into servitude. Of course, OT both rewards and punishes Kel for her actions, resulting in one of the hottest forced orgasms I’ve seen. It’s just ripped from her very soul, along with about two dozen binder clips.

kel bowie infernal restraints

Once those clips come off, it’s like Hiroshima.

Kel Bowie looks like the girl next to you in the office. That’s what’s so appealing. The girl next to you in the office craves domination too. On an animal level. OT delivers and stripes Kel Bowie’s flawless skin with his cane and rat tails. He smacks her beautiful tits and torments her pink, perfect, nipples. She drips and yearns for the pain.
Then the dildo sucking, then the binder clips all over. The hurt going on but the HURT coming off. OT masterfully (get it?) flicks those clips off Kel, just as the vibrator pushes her over the edge, and the resulting flood of sensation propels her into orbit, orgasmically.
Once you make a woman cum like that… you’ve got her.

kel bowie bdsm

I love her skin. Click a pic to see the previews. 

How To Watch The Whole Thing

This part is pretty easy. Did you watch the previews? If not click a pic and it’ll take you there. Now, did you like what you saw? Did you see the authenticity in the eyes of Kel Bowie? Want to see all 33 minutes of Kept Kel Part One, rather than a one minute teaser? Excellent. All you need to do is simply join Infernal Restraints, and you can watch this whole scene, as well as 20 years worth of weekly content. Holy shit, right ? If that prospect terrifies and you want to pay about the same, but only want this one scene, then have at it. You can buy this shoot (video and all pics) and own it forever. Enjoy.

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