Kel Bowie Hardtied

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kel bowie hardtied

Kel Bowie Hardtied

Predicament Rope Bondage

Kel Bowie Hardtied

I know I just wrote about Kel Bowie recently, but I’m writing of her again because she’s super cute, and she’s sexy as fuck. This time she’s getting tied up, hard tied if you will, by Matt Williams. It’s all good stuff.

Kel Bowie, like London River, is a talent coordinator at Insex, which means she works with Matt Williams all the time. They know each other and thus Matt can create a more intense scene than he would with a model he didn’t know well. That’s a win for us.

kel bowie clothespin bondage

That clothespin zipper is going to hurt!

I love Matt Williams’ predicament rigging. He’s a Master of rope, and I am but a dilettante, but I appreciate good predicament bondage when I see it. A weighted (large stone clad in iron) rope, a pulley and a noose is a pretty solid predicament. It’s clever and leaves the sub powerless.

The kicker for me, in the scene, is the clothespin zipper. Imagine. There’s a buildup with caning on her thighs, front and back, her calves, tits, and pussy. Then her panties are stuffed in her mouth, which is taped shut. Add the zipper and the insane pain of ripping it off, and you have a great bdsm scene. ¬†Breathplay & serious predicament bondage are hard to find on pay sites, because of the liability risk, but Hardtied is run by a master rigger. He’s on top of it. It makes for hotter content. I love. it. You love it. Kel Bowie loved it.

kel bowie hardtied

Simplicity is the Way.

See The Rest Or Die Trying

There are two easy peasy ways in which you can see Kel Bowie hardtied by Matt Williams. You can join Hardtied and get this scene, 20 years of past content (holy shit), as well as the frequent updates (way more frequently than the …cough… other guys). If that’s too much for you, you can always simply buy this shoot and call it good. Enjoy.

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