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stephie staar interview

Stephie Staar On Sexually Broken.

Marky D. Sade Presents

My Interview With Stephie Staar

I encountered fledgling fetish/bondage model Stephie Staar a couple months ago, on Twitter. She was brand new in the biz, and had fewer than a hundred followers (which tells you how new she was). Now she’s pushing a thousand, and her star is rising.

There are a couple of reasons I chose Stephie Staar as my first interview. First, she’s local to me (Portland, Oregon), and I love my PDX peeps. Second, she’s new to the biz and as such, this interview can help promote us both with some equity, as this blog is less than a year old. Third, she’s awesome!

I’ve written of her twice before if you’d like to familiarize with her work.

Here, and here.

Ok? Here we go.

What made you want to get into the industry?
I always sort of knew that I wanted to do porn, even as a preteen. My family is always super open and very supporting to the exploration of sexuality. I have always been an exhibitionist and I started noticing in middles school that I have grown this unhealthy addiction to underwear/lingerie. Stripping even seemed like a good industry for me. But it wasn’t until I saw a Felony video that I decided I want to do porn. It was this physical and emotional release/reset and that is what I jealously envied, I wanted to experience that intensity for myself.

What was your first shoot? How did you feel?
My first fetish shoot was just stills and it was a bondage set. I had just turned 18. I have done the camming and i was really bad at it. I found that i just enjoyed knowing that other people were watching me please myself, so i would just go at it regardless if i was getting tokens. I just turned 22 and I decided this year I was going to explore me. Find out more of what I like and don’t like. Experience new things. I got in contact with and shot my very first scene with @MaXCoXXXBDSM. It was the superhero scene. Omg it was amazing. It was my first 10 unit use, it was my first hitachi use, it was my first time acting, it was my first time with a zapper.
I saw some pics you tweeted from your vanilla job. It looked medical. What’s your day job?
No not medical but for the past few weeks I have done material testing in a clean room. So my job is kind of complicated, to put the simplest I am a materials expert. I work with composite materials like fibreglass and carbon fiber. But I also work with thermosets and thermoplastics as well as a large variety of other materials. I am trained in the repair and manufacturing of these materials for composite structures. Right now I am helping an aviation company with their FAA testing. I am prototyping: a mock manufacturing system testing the limits and procedures prior the live production of their product.

Are you partnered? If so, how do they feel about you being a performer?
No I am single

Where are some places people can find your work?,,,, and in a few months

What’s the next year look like for you?

Good question I still don’t even know, just taking it one day at a time.

Do you plan on staying in Oregon, or do you think you’ll move?

I doubt I’ll move and if I do it would be back closer to family and friends in reno but I have been tossing around the idea of going into debt tho travel the world. There is so much I would love to see.

interview with stephie staar

Stephie Staar

You’ve done some serious submitting on Sexually Broken. Are you kinky IRL? Do you lean more domme or sub?
I am extremely. It depends on the person I really love to beat up little girls but power play feels good any way so I’m not picky.

Do you have a website of your own? Plans on making one?

I was thinking about making one but then again I’m a one man show so it would have to be self sustaining or be cake to use after I’m brain dead from long hours at work.

What’s your take on the industry, as one who is new to the biz?
Well I have a whole different perspective since I’m not really in it to chase after the dollar I’m more here for the fun. There is a lot of competition for attention and I’m really not a fan of “you have to have so many followers before we can shoot”. Or “you have to eat and exercise like this” that’s not what porn is about, but that’s what makes money.

You suffer from Persistent Arousal Syndrome. It sounds awesome but from what I’ve read it can be hellish. Have you had it forever? Do you get the release from orgasm that most folks do? I read an article by someone with PARS and it sounds like she gets no kaboom from cumming. Could you give us some insight?
I got diagnosed with it when I was 16. Not sure exactly how long I can say I have had it but I started getting bothered by the symptoms at a young age. As a kid I had bladder issues where I would easily pee if I was tickled or laughed hard which is a huge red flag. Also insomnia and restless legs are accompanied. It’s different because I feel like I don’t orgasm like most women I see in porn they all get to that spot so easy and their cums are dainty and sweet. Mine take time to reach and each time it gets harder and harder to get there. Like im building a cum tollerance. My orgasms seem so much harder because i just lose myself. I mentally check out. But there are days where I’ll be extremely horny it will take 30-50 min to reach a climax and intercourse still won’t give relief, it becomes painful and irritating. I imagine it is how guys feel when they get blue balls. Like an ache/pain that can’t be relieved. It’s a curse but a blessing as well because I’m super sensitive I find new things constantly that will get me to that spot faster. It doesn’t even need to be something sexual that will trigger it. Could be something as simple as the tap vibration on my phone or an electric toothbrush.

stephie staar interview

Versatile, Kinky, Redhead, Smart, Funny. Stephie Staar.

When you were on Sexually Broken you were clothed or covered both times. Was that your call or Matt’s choice?
That was Matt’s choice. My assumption is he was going for the girl next door and wanted to spark mystery and imagination for the members. Come on how many fans can’t wait to see me in some breast bondage? Or participate in some nipples torture? I know I can’t wait!

Ok. Let’s get smutty. What types of sex do you prefer professionally? personally?
“Professionally” haha I guess I don’t see it that way expecially since I take vacation time from work to participate haha. That is how I treat myself lol. Well this is going to sound very sad but I don’t get much personally in between filming sets. Well besides some rocking solos. I’ve been looking on fetlife for a Sub or a Dom or even just a play mate but because of my hectic work schedule finding I me for work life home life social life and so on has been extremely difficult. I love bondage and rough sex but I am down to try almost anything once. And if I don’t like it than at least I can say well I’ve tried it.
Ever kill anyone? Did it make you feel like a god/ddess? Did everything fall into place with razor clarity? … me either

My lawyer advised me not to answer these questions

YES two ferrets named after the kids in a book called Witches by R. Dahl that were turned into rats.

And there you have it. My interview with Stephie Staar. Support her work, follow her on Twitter, and tell your friends.


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