Gina Valentina Bound

Bondage Device Bondage Forced Orgasms

gina valentine bound device bondage

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On Device Bondage

Gina Valentina Bound

My favorite Dom, The Pope dominates a lovely 19 year old Brazilian in the form of Gina Valentina, for Device Bondage. Can you imagine dominating a submissive teen with that tight young body? goddamn. It’s almost wrong (she’s 19. lighten up)

I’m not sure but this set looks kind of like the new set in Vegas that the Pope tweeted photos of a few weeks ago. If this is any indication, the post Armory Kink is going to be just fine. Take a look at Gina Valentina bound, upside down, and flogged. So so yum.

gina valentine upside down bondage

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The Pope fingers her wet pussy, and ass, while grinding the vibrator against her clit, ripping orgasms from her over and over (my favorite, you know). Watching her cum without being able to thrash, and move is like watching that diet coke and mentos trick. All that energy goes shooting out her mouth. It’s brilliant.

In this scene we see Gina Valentina bound in various positions, exposing her holes for The Pope’s pleasure. There’s also a healthy dose of breathplay, which you don’t see much on Kink, so it’s a welcome feature.

device bondage gina valentine

For His Pleasure

How Do I Watch The Rest?

An excellent question! Of course you want to see this whole scene. Previews don’t do it. The whole 45 minute scene is what one wants. So many relevant moments!

You can simply buy this shoot, and own it forever, in glorious HD. Keep it in your archive as needed.

The second way is to go all in and join Kink Unlimited. That gives you total access to 20 years of content, on 24 bondage/fetish sites. Holy shit, right? That’s everything Kink’s done at your fingertips. Go big or go home. Kidding! Go big or just buy the individual shoot and call it good. Enjoy Gina Valentina bound.

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